Berry Bites / Jam Bites Recipe

Berry Bites Jam Bites Healthy Snacks Jarrah Honey

These delicious sweet treats are the perfect afternoon snack, especially on a warm day. They do need two stints in the freezer, so make sure you prepare a day or two before you are wanting to indulge in them. 


1 cup frozen raspberries (can also used mixed berries) 
1 teaspoon chai seeds
1 teaspoon Jarrah honey
1 teaspoon coconut oil
Approx. 100g dark chocolate


Microwave raspberries in 15second stints, stir between each time heating. Once soft, much using a fork into a runny paste. Add in chai sees and Jarrah honey and stir well. Teaspoon mixture onto baking paper or into ice moulds (for example, heart moulds for Valentine's Day) and place into freezer. Leave for at least 2-3hours, until frozen solid. Melt coconut oil and dark chocolate together until runny. Take the frozen bites out of the freezer, and quickly dip in the chocolate until fully covered. Place back on baking paper and into the freezer for another 2hours. Enjoy!

Alternative: dip your bites in Greek yogurt instead of coconut oil and chocolate for an even healthier but still delicious option. 


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