Happy Quokka Honey

Happy Quokka Honey with bees

Say hello to the newest member of the family, Happy Quokka Honey. A beautiful blend of pure, raw honey from the native Jarrah forests of Western Australia, this delicious and smooth honey is a great way for the family to start the day. 

Western Australia is an incredibly unique and beautiful place, and home to some pretty amazing things. The small and fluffy marsupials quokkas, best known for their always smiling selfies, can only be found in Western Australia. Likewise with Jarrah forests and Jarrah honey, this can only be found in Western Australia. Both are rare, beautiful, and worth experiencing. Happy Quokka Honey combines two beautiful Western Australian elements to create a family friendly, natural experience. 

Quokkas can be found in a few locations around Western Australia, however their main homeland is a small island off the coast called Rottnest Island. This was named in the 1600's by the Dutch captain, Willem de Vlamingh, and translates to Rats Nest Island, as he thought the small animals were a kind of rats. Today they are known as the happiest animals on the planet, as they are always happy to see you with their big smiling faces. Rottnest Island is also home to the very important Queen Bee Breeding Program. The island is used to breed selected queen bees as it is far enough from the main land that there is no risk of any exotic disease or undetected pests. This is an incredibly rare and privileged breeding program, which in turn creates very strong and healthy bees to produce Western Australian honey. We are not aware of any other breeding program in the world that has this unique opportunity to isolate the queen bees and project the health of the bees. 

These healthy bees, and the unique properties of the Jarrah forest trees, have created a blend of beautiful and powerful raw, natural honey. This bioactive honey is full of natural benefits, and rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Try yours today here.