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The best honey ever tried! Got 3 small jars in gift box. Jarrah was my fave but all 3 were amazing.

Best honey ever tasted

I recently got the gift pack,jarrah,karri,marri. So tasty,thick,raw and natural.all 3 are unbelievable,but my personal fave is jarrah. Can't wait to order more again.

Jarrah honey

Excellent taste and texture.

The best Honey for all

Amazingly perfection, all different honsey that taste good and are very diverse in favour.

I had to keep one for myself and order another. Highly recommended for everyday was a good birthday present.

A very special honey

this honey is like nothing you've ever tasted
it has a unique and complex flavor, more than just sweetness
you have to try it for yourself because it is beyond description

Best honey I’ve tried unfortunately I paid for local delivery 1-2 days and received it 1 week later.
Spoke to the customer service and they apologised and said they’d give a gift with my order and didn’t get anything

Liquid gold

Post heart surgery I have developed on ongoing cough which takes a lot of strain on the sternum chest bone after surgery .A teaspoon of this liquid gold helps surpress my cough and allows me to heal / sleep without ongoing coughing each night

Overpriced beware

Honey in Australia is worth Max $15 per kg, NOT circa $60 per kg. Be warned

Best of the best

I recently bought Jarrah honey and the taste is just so beautiful the best honey I've ever tasted. It's silky, velvety, smooth and wonderful taste. I highly recommend any Forest Fresh Honey as they are the best of the best!

Blackwood Honey

This honey is absolutely delish.
I have a TSP every morning as it helps with my arthritis and also increases your protection from virus and Bacterial.
Certainly would recommend it.


I love this night cream and so does my skin. Being active (@61) with work and sports it hydrates my skin enough. I'm glad I took a chance with it. Thank you Matt & co!!

Tastes Amazing!

This is surely the best-tasting honey I have ever had. I had a very sore throat and bit of a virus - didn't take antibiotics just had the honey morning and night and it was gone within 3 days.

Definitely a better alternative than disrupting my gut bacteria.

Love the honey

I'm loving the taste of this healthy honey and all it's benefits.

honey gift box

absolutely yummmmmy, very happy with my purchase. i have a teaspoon full every morning and put some with my yoghurt. yum yum

Honey Heals.

I purchased this Jarrah honey TA50+ to help and promote the healing process of an ulcer on my husband's foot. He is diabetic, and had been on 4 different very strong antibiotics with little success.
When in NZ years ago I read an article about the Manuka honey being used in healing ulcers research being trialled. The success rate was impressive. So I did research about any Western Australian honey that maybe could do the same or similar to the Manuka honey. I discovered your Jarrah honey with an even higher rating than Manuka. So I made the purchase, and the results are nothing short of amazing. The ulcer is almost completely gone. I apply the honey each night to the ulcer and cover with a breathable bandage. This has happened during the time of no antibiotics, just the Jarrah honey. So impressed and greatful
for Forest Fresh TA50+ Honey. Merylin Briggs

Outrageously good…

We used to think Manuka honey was the schizz… then my sister sent us a jar of your Jarrah Platinum and we now scoff at Manuka!😂
Simply the best honey we’ve ever tasted and that’s before considering the health benefits. It really is the Rolls Royce of honey.
Absolutely must stay in sis’ good books now as Jarrah honey seems to have become the staple gift from the West and frankly we couldn’t be happier!
It’s just sensational!

First order of Jarrah Honey

Have recently purchased a jar of the TA50+ Jarrah Honey. Using a spoonful of this each morning to boost immunity going into winter. Taste is delicious and the honey gives an extra boost in the morning before exercise. Highly recommend this honey

Value for money.

Always an easy transaction with Mat and the team. Their customer service is above reproach. Have been buying honey from them for over a year now and the TA50 is a favourite. Great taste and really works well on cuts and wounds! The 14 kg tub is obviously the best price by weight and being in Tassie the free shipping is a huge bonus. 500g tubs are usually $50 but you pay just over $30 if you buy in bulk and with options to pay in instalments as it is a large amount for most to buy in one go. Have kept the 500g tubs from past purchases knowing I would eventually get this one. Will refill and reuse....28 times lol.

Best honey ever

First time I bought this as a gift for mum. She loves the taste first than she realized all the benefits. Now it's her daily routine every morning starts with a teaspoon of honey.. and make everyone doing same. It's good as a gift. I have sent it to oversea, now they can buy forest honey there too. It's popular internationally. I recommended to my family and friends they love it will stick to this honey.

Best tasting honey by far

Absolutely love the taste of this honey and the fact that it’s also good for you is a bonus!

Klodis review

The honey was good, the taste te texture was very nice. One of the best honeys I had.


I don’t want to say how amazing your Jarrah platinum honey is because I don’t want everyone to buy it and I will miss out 🥰

Excellent Product

I bought the 40+ Jarrah honey and the quality was excellent. I've been giving it to my daughter as she's had a chest infection and it has helped her cough so much. I would highly recommend any of the Forest Fresh Honeys as they are A+

Jarrah Platinum TA50+ Raw Honey