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Forest Fresh Honey.

I love Forest Fresh Honey, Forest Fresh Honey for me, I love it on cearal and I love it on toast it’s great when I put it in my cup of coffee or my cup of tea and I know it’s really good for me I love ❤️ Forest Fresh Honey for me! The best Honey I have ever had I’ll be recommending this honey to my family and friends what a wonderful taste this Honey has I love 💕 it! Five GOLDEN STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Keith Lesser
Honeycomb glorious honeycomb.

At this stage I haven't had a chance to try the honeycomb but I will be doing American style pork ribs this coming weekend and I am going to melt and spread some over them.
I will update when I have done so and if I remember I post pics.

Didn't dissapoint

So I was keen to try this honey out compared to Manuka etc that I can buy in the supermarket.
I have now had it on sourdough toast and crumpets and I can honestly say you CAN taste the difference!
When I opened the jar the smell hit me and you knew this was fresh and pure. As for the taste? was bloody delicious!
I have a feeling this one jar is not going to last long.

Your honey is the best I try a lot company but this one is amazing

Really delicious

A really delicious honey especially spread on toast. I also have a teaspoon in my black tea. Good to eat honey that is both delicious and good for the immune system. Thank you for this great honey.

Love the honey

The Honey is so moorish, my family love it and the delivery 🚚 was excellent. Thanks a lot.

Best honey

Beautiful tasting honey.

The Best

I received my 3 pack in a very well presented gift box. Satisfaction guaranteed!!!
If your looking for the same honey elsewhere, don't bother because you won't find anything better then this true pure honey. Absolutely delicious!!! Thankyou so for providing such an honest product. I'll definitely be back for more....

Delicious! Each pot of honey tastes different than the others. I enjoy mine in my morning black coffee.

Beautiful soaps.

Beautifully presented. I purchased one of each soap and they smell wonderful. At present they are in my clothes drawers until needed. Makes everything smell really lovely. Looking forward to using them soon.

Tess M-P
Delicious and healthy.

The honeycomb was our Easter gift as we don’t eat chocolate. It’s a healthy delicious win for the both of us. We have a teaspoon a day and thoroughly enjoy our treat. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Pamela McInnarney

I purchased two of the comb honey. Rich yet not sickly sweet, lots of flavour. I did note that each comb tasted quite different so not sure whether they were two different varieties. I've always been a fan of comb honey and these didn't disappoint.

Phillippa Crossan
Truly Delicious

It is many years since I have had honeycomb but when I saw and read your advertisement, I couldn’t resist. I’m so glad I didn’t. This honey comb truly is delicious. It’s sweet, but not sickeningly so. It’s delicate and fresh and I’m loving it. Such a treat.

Delicious honey…

I have swapped from Manuka honey to your Forest Fresh and I love it all. The Jarrah will always be my favourite but I love both your Marri and Karri to. Your value pack is perfect. Have it on cereal or porridge. Otherwise unadulterated on a teaspoon as they are all good for our health. It’s my go to for winter to stave off colds etc. Healthy and delicious, what more could one ask for. Pleased I found you online. Forest Fresh is just what we needed this winter. Thank you.
No more searching for good honey for us, we’ve found gold with your honey.



Premium Gift Set

Absolutely delicious! We're very pleased and happy with our purchase, thank you. Presented in a lovely box. The taste of the honey is so different and unique from what we're used to, it is amazing. Love it. Will return soon to purchase again, thank you!


This Jarrah honey has an amazing flavour nothing like l have ever tasted with a slight caramel taste to it.This honey is amazing eaten on its own or added to iced coffee for a zing to the flavour as well as health benefits

Amazing honey

I ordered the 3 pack honey. Loved all of them! The Karri honey is sweet and light. The Marri is rich and tasty. The Jarrah is even richer, such a sweet treat!

The whole family takes the Jarrah honey to prevent and treat sore throat and coughs and the Forest Fresh Jarrah is working really well! We previously take Manuka honey, but have found this Jarrah to be superior, more delicious and cheaper!

So good

The best honey ever my first order didn't last long i ate it straight from the jars I'm on my second order so yummy

Jarrah honey is delicious

Love the product. Incredible flavour and love it in my tea. Very nice packaging. Thank you.

Five stars

Happy with the product

Excellent Product

Great tasting honey, I really enjoy with my morning lemon drink. Thank you.

Jarrah honey

I am enjoying this product it is great because it is better for a person’s health.


I ordered the 3 pack (Jarrah, Marri and Kari) and my only problem is deciding which one to choose each time. All of them are delicious, delicious, delicious. Always looking forward to breakfast. It's honey on toast for me! First honey I've eaten and don't feel guilty doing so. Instead I believe I'm eating a God-given health food. So happy I stumbled upon your post. Highly recommend it and will be telling my friends about it. Will only be buying REAL 5 Stars honey from now on.

Absolutely delicious

I received my pack, 3 jars of beautiful honey. The gift box is amazing and looks fantastic. The honey is delicious