Cheese Board Guide

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Creating a cheese or antipasti board is a great idea when entertaining. You will not need to cook anything, you will just need approximately 10minutes to prepare. Please note, image is a reference only, and varies to the cheese board below. 

Brie cheese, or a soft cheese
Gouda, or a semi-hard cheese
Blue cheese
1x Forest Fresh Honey Comb
Blueberries or strawberries
Sliced ham or beef
Cracker biscuits
Fresh bread stick
Forest Fresh Honey, to drizzle

1. Wash the fruit, and slice the bread stick into thin slices.
2. Place the cheese, meat, cracker biscuits and bread strategically on a wooden chopping or cheese board. Leave some space near the blue cheese for the honey comb.
3. Place the olives into one or two small glass or ceramic ramekins and place on the board.
4. Sprinkle the fruit around the board so it adds a bit of colour.
5. Just before serving, add the honey comb to the board next to the blue cheese. 
6. Where desired, drizzle some of the honey over the cheese for some extra sweetness.
7. Serve immediately with cheese knives. 

We hope you enjoy. 

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