DIY Coffee Honey Face Scrub Recipe

DIY Coffee Honey Face Scrub Recipe

This is a brilliant way to use the last of the honey in your jar, whilst also treating your skin to something rejuvenating and reinvigorating. Raw Jarrah honey is incredibly hydrating, anti inflammatory, and can support skin cell renewal, stimulate collagen, and help heal wounds. Coffee is a gentle but effective exfoliator for skin, and can also provide anti-aging effects, reduce dark circles and cellulite. Together, they make the perfect face scrub. 


1 teaspoon Jarrah honey (what's left at the bottom of the honey jar) 
1 teaspoon used ground coffee


Add ground coffee to honey/ honey jar. Mix well using a spoon or face mask applicator. Apply mixture to your face, being sure to avoid the eyes. Once applied, massage mixture into your face so it covers where you would usually apply a face mask. Leave the mask on your face for up to 20minutes and wash off (we would recommend in the shower). Moisturise as usual. Use as desired. 

If you have never tried this face mask before, please do a skin test. 

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