Einstein's Eggs Recipe

Eat like Einstein with his Jarrah honey breakfast eggs

Treat yourself to Albert Einstein's simple but delicious breakfast. It is said that he had this meal almost every day. 


1tsp butter (heaped)
2 eggs
1tsp Marri honey (heaped)
Seasoning (salt, pepper, chilli flakes) 
Sourdough bread


Add your heaped teaspoon of butter to a pan on low to medium heat. Once melted, add the eggs. Scoop small amounts of the butter onto the top of the egg once or twice to disperse some heat on the top of the eggs. Drizzle on the heaped teaspoon of Marri honey, all over the eggs. Continue to scoop the butter around the edges onto the top of the egg. Season as desired and once cooked through, serve with toasted sourdough bread. Eat immediately. 
Optional: Serve with seasoned cooked mushrooms. 

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