Active Karri TA30+
Active Karri TA30+
Active Karri TA30+

Active Karri TA30+

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Karri Honey is a rare, delicately sweet flavoured, high Activity honey from the pristine Forests of Western Australia.. Spoil yourself today and try it!


Individual 500g jar purchases will come in  a premium reusable gift box. Bulk buy orders will be sent in a sturdy unbranded box.


  • known as the jewel of the southwest
  • Available in 250g and 500g jars

Tasting notes:

    • light-coloured honey
    • a pleasant mild, sweet flavour that starts with a burst, but tapers off with a smooth finish


      • Delicious for any time you want a sweet treat with the added benefit of its High Total Activity
      • Try it drizzled over fruit, yoghurt or porridge
      • Use it to sweeten beverages
      • Added bonus is that Karri honey crystallizes to a fine, smooth creamy delicious honey


      • Karri Honey is from the giant Eucalyptus Diversicolor, which grows in a small area of the far southwest of Western Australia. The giant Karri tree has a life span of up to 350 years. The trees have a complex five to seven-year flowering cycle, but will only mass bloom under very specific climatic conditions and other unknown factors. Mass blooms are very rare, causing the paucity of Karri honey production






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