Why isolation is so important!

raw honey in australia

Isolation can have its benefits. Western Australia is an island within an island, protecting the lush and clean flora and fauna from any outside pests and bugs. The air is fresh, the land is uncluttered, and spacious and mother nature thrives. We even have our own protected island to breed queen bees specifically for the Western Australian apiary industry – Rottnest Island. Strict quarantine regulations ensure the protection of this unique environment.

In this haven the bees merrily go about their business foraging for nectar from the unique vegetation that grows in WA. The result is a wonderful mix of properties packed into the honey including significantly high activity ratings, high antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, prebiotics and even low GI ratings. A spoonful of Forest Fresh honey is like a breath of fresh air…something different and exciting…have a try and taste the difference!

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