Exclusively Western Australian Karri Honey

Exclusively Western Australian Karri Honey

Introducing our Karri Active WA honey – otherwise known as the ‘Jewel of the Southwest.’

This rare gem comes from the giant Karri tree, Eucalyptus Diversicolor, one of the world’s tallest hardwood trees. 

The reason for the rarity of this natural gem comes down to a few factors.

These magnificent hardwood trees only grow in a small area of old growth forests, located in the far southwest corner of Western Australia. Historically, the Karri trees were heavily logged thus greatly diminishing their numbers. 

Bushfires, which are a regular occurrence in bushland, further diminish the number of these grand trees.

These magnificent trees flower infrequently, usually every 7 to ten years. Mass flowering is even more infrequent and requires very specific climatic conditions to occur. When mass flowering does happen it is a sight to behold…and it can keep the bees buzzing busily for a long time.

As popularity of this honey increases, supplies are harder to come by.

We are lucky to have a limited supply of this jewel of a honey and it comes with the added bonus of having a high Activity rating. Some people like to include it in their drinks to give them an antioxidant burst.

If you would like to treat yourself or someone special, why not try some of our irresistibly delicate and silky-smooth sweet-flavoured Forest Fresh Karri honey TA30+ . If your Karri honey lasts long enough to crystallize you will have the extra treat of a beautifully smooth, finely crystallised honey that is delicious to eat. 

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