Jarrah Honey in the Media

Jarrah Honey in the Media

Jarrah Honey has incredible properties and health benefits, and this has been public knowledge for years. However, a few articles have done a wonderful job at sharing and reinforcing this information. Below are a selection of articles that have come out over the years about why Jarrah Honey is so incredible, and for many, a great alternative to Manuka Honey. 

Vogue, 2017, published an article calling out Jarrah Honey as the best new superfood. It refers to studies showing the benefits of the honey from cosmic to clinical positive results. 


ABC, 2022, reviewed the benefits of Jarrah honey in skincare products, due to it's unique medicinal properties. 


WA Today, 2018, talks about the proven benefits of antibacterial and antimicrobial activity, and how the market is growing. 


UWA News, 2018, published learnings that Jarrah and Marri honey had the highest antibacterial activity out of 50 honeys they analysed. 


The UK publishers, Daily Mail, 2018, called out Jarrah Honey as the new and improved alternative to Manuka honey, with studies showing it has more antibacterial properties and antioxidants in comparison with Manuka. 


 We hope you enjoy reading and learning more about the wonderful product that is Jarrah Honey. 

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